EABlinker – EA Batch Linker

Automate creation of relationships (connectors) between a package and the elements contained in the diagrams that the package owns. Ideal for specific scenarios in which is required to keep traceability between dispersed elements in a model (in different packages) and the packages containing diagrams where those elements appear.

Customize the frequency of synchronization of this robot that executes as a windows service in the server side.




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With this exclusive complement developed by Arquesoft, you could automate the connector creation between packages and elements present in diagrams of the package, with the purpose of creating traceability automatically when elements drawn in diagrams belong to packages different from the package of the diagram.


  • Automate relationships between packages and elements in diagrams.
  • Avoid users executing scripts manually.



  • Customizable frequency.
  • Easily definition of packages to control.
  • Customizable execution window time.


Your purchase includes:

  • Installer and instructions
  • 12 months of support for issues and updates.
  • 1 license per every 50 EA licenses you own.


If you have questions please write to EABlinker@arquesoft.com


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